Wednesday 01 September 2010

Browser ComparisonBrowser Comparison

Left QuoteThere was a time when your browser was Microsoft Internet Explorer. You could install Netscape Navigator, but what was the point, when you already had IE? But then Netscape gradually became Firefox and people started to realise that IE actually wasn't very good.

These are my views on the top browsers, and their current (August 2010) market share.

1) Firefox (46%)
Does everything I need, and I mean 'everything'. Chrome comes very close, but Firefox does everything.

2) Chrome (17% and rising fast)
Only been around for a short time, but is already the 3rd most popular browser. Fast, simple and has lots of extensions available.

3) Internet Explorer (31% and dropping slowly)
Yes, IE (allegedly) has security issues, and can sometimes render certain CSS elements in it's own special way, but you could still do a lot worse than IE. Heh, see below.

4) Safari (4% and dropping slowly)
Predicatably disappointing software from Apple. Looks nice, has a few flashy gimmicks, but misses the mark on basic functionality.

5) Maxthon (unknown)
Once, the pioneer of multi-tabbed browsing. Now, just quirky and a bit plain.

6) Opera (2%)
The only browser in the test that needed configuring to connect to the internet, and was unable to properly display one my test sites. Different, in this case, is not better.Right Quote

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