Thursday 08 November 2007

Decisions, decisions!Decisions, decisions!

Left QuoteAbout 10 years ago I bought a disposable waterproof camera and took it surfing. Great fun, and while the photos weren't great, we finally got some photos of us surfing. While killing some time on YouTube recently, I was thinking about this camera, and how nice it would be to get some on-the-water windsurfing video footage, so I asked a few questions and here's what I found.

Not much, to be honest. Two manufacturers make a waterproof digital video camera, both of which are self-contained and record onto regular camera memory cards. Nice.

First up we have the ATC2k Action Cam from Oregon Scientific


A great looking camera, nicely priced at £99, and it comes with helmet-cam attachment, several different-sized velcro straps, and handlebar attachment. Mmm ... helmet-cam!!

Then we have the superbly named Digital Hero 3 from Go Pro. This brick-sized camera is around £100 and only comes with a wrist attachment. Thankfully several other attachments are available from the GoPro website.


Here's the thing though ... who's going to wear this


when you can strap the ATC2k onto a helmet, or use the handlebar mount to fit it to the boom, or top of the mast?

I think we have a winner.

Prices range from the sublime to the ridiculous. It is £99 from the Oregon Scientific website, but it's worth looking around for the best price as Purely Gadgets sell it for £79 delivered.

The ATC2k takes SD cards up to 2Gb, so have a look round picstop and find something for your budget. Expect to pay anywhere between £7 and £25, but be aware that a more expensive card won't make higher quality videos, but it will transfer to your computer at a higher rate. I went for a 133x SanDisk Extreme III - job done!Right Quote

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