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GTA 4 MissionsGTA 4 Missions

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Storyline Missions

  • The Cousins Bellic - Roman greets Niko in Liberty City, where he finds out life isn't as simple as it seemed.
  • It's Your Call - Niko helps Roman escape from some Albanian loan sharks.
  • Three's a Crowd - Niko picks up Mallorie and her friend Michelle for Roman's taxi service.
  • First Date - Niko takes Michelle out on a date, where they play a round of bowling.
  • Bleed Out - Niko rescues Roman from the Albanian loan sharks, who have been beating him up for not paying his debts.
  • Easy Fare - Niko taxis one of Roman's regular customers, Jermaine Andrews, but the police intervene.
  • Jamaican Heat - Niko watches over a meeting for Little Jacob.
  • Bull in a China Shop - Vlad tasks Niko with recovering some protection money from a china shop owner.
  • Hung Out to Dry - Niko has to recover some more protection money for Vlad.
  • Clean Getaway - Niko steals a car from Jimmy, who hasn't been paying his debts to Vlad
  • Ivan the Not So Terrible - Vlad tasks Niko with killing Ivan Bytchkov.
  • Concrete Jungle - Little Jacob asks Niko for help on dealing with some drug dealers who have been troubling him and Real Badman.
  • Uncle Vlad - Niko kills Vlad after finding out Mallorie is having an affair with him.
  • Crime and Punishment - Niko is ordered to do work for Mikhail Faustin after killing his employee, Vlad.
  • Do You Have Protection? - Niko and Dimitri collect some protection money from a porn producer.
  • Shadow - Niko kills some drug dealers who are reducing Little Jacob and Badman profits.
  • Final Destination - Niko is tasked with killing Lenny Petrovic, son of powerful Kenny Petrovic
  • No Love Lost - Niko is tasked with murdering Anna Faustin's boyfriend, a member of the Lost MC.
  • Logging On - On Roman's recommendation, Niko logs onto the Internet at a Tw@t internet cafe.
  • Rigged to Blow - Faustin orders Niko to blow up one of Kenny Petrovic's garages using a bomb truck.
  • Search and Delete - Brucie Kibbutz offers to pay Niko a lot of money for an assassination.
  • Easy as Can Be - Niko is tasked by Brucie with stealing Lyle Rivas' car.
  • The Master and the Molotov - Mikhail Faustin meets his demise.
  • Russian Revolution - Little Jacob suspects Dimitri's motives and insists on joining Niko for his deal.
  • Roman's Sorrow - Roman and Niko find themselves facing a difficult situation.
  • Out of the Closet - Niko goes on a date, and it goes exactly as planned.
  • No. 1 - Niko and Brucie win a street race in a sports car.
  • Escuela of the Streets - Mallorie introduces Niko to Manny Escuela for some extra work.
  • Street Sweeper - Niko helps Manny clean up Bohan's streets.
  • Luck of the Irish - Elizabeta Torres asks Niko to keep watch over a deal involving Patrick McReary that she isn't too comfortable with.
  • Blow Your Cover - Niko, Playboy X and Johnny Klebitz get ambushed by the NOOSE and LCPD in a drug deal.
  • The Puerto Rican Connection - Manny tasks Niko with killing some former friends who have been mocking Manny's new show.
  • The Snow Storm - Elizabeta has been ripped off by one of Little Jacob's contacts, and Niko has to recover her coke.
  • Have a Heart - Elizabeta kills Manny and his cameraman, and Niko disposes of the bodies.
  • Call and Collect - Niko meets Francis McReary and helps silence his blackmailer.
  • Harboring a Grudge - Niko assists Packie in stealing some illegal meds smuggled in the country by the Triads.
  • Waste Not Want Knots - Niko, Packie and his associates storm a warehouse belonging to the Ancelottis.
  • Three Leaf Clover - Niko, Packie, Derrick and Michael rob the Bank of Liberty City.
  • Final Interview - Niko has a job interview.
  • Holland Nights - Niko reluctantly agrees to do one more job for Francis McReary;
  • Lure - Francis has even more problems and asks Niko for further help.
  • Deconstruction for Beginners - Niko raids a construction site in Castle Gardens for Playboy X.
  • Photo Shoot - Niko identifies Playboy X's target by taking a photo of him, then silences him.
  • Ruff Rider - Dwayne Forge wants the money he sent to his girlfriend while in prison back, as he finds out she was having an affair.
  • Undress to Kill - Niko retakes The Triangle Club for Dwayne, as he used to own it.
  • Wrong is Right - Niko has to do work for the ULP in exchange for protection.
  • Portrait of a Killer - Niko is tasked with killing Adam Dimayev, who is financing terrorist activity.
  • Hostile Negotiation - Mallorie thinks Roman has been kidnapped, and Niko investigates.
  • The Holland Play - Niko has to make a difficult decision.
  • Dust Off - Niko has to follow and steal a helicopter, then lands it at Francis International Airport.
  • Paper Trail - Little Jacob joins Niko in order to take down Eduard Borodin in his helicopter.
  • Actions Speak Louder than Words - Niko assassinates Tony Black, a high-ranking capo Ancelotti member.
  • I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle - Niko creates more trouble between the Albanians and the Ancelotti.
  • Smackdown - Derrick McReary asks Niko to kill one of his war mates, Bucky Sligo.
  • A Long Way to Fall - Niko takes out Teddy Benavidez for Ray Boccino
  • Babysitting - Niko helps Kim Young-Guk smuggle counterfeit money in Liberty City.
  • Tunnel of Death - Niko silences Aiden O'Malley, who is in police custody.
  • Blood Brothers - Niko has to make yet another difficult decision regarding the McRearys.
  • Undertaker - Niko attends the funeral of one of Packie's brothers (either Francis or Derrick depending on who the player chose).
  • Taking in the Trash - Niko and several workers pick up diamonds hidden in trash bags.
  • Meltdown - Luca's crew betray Ray Boccino, and Niko confronts them.
  • I'll Take Her - Gerald instructs Niko to kidnap Grace Ancelotti, the daughter of Don Giovanni.
  • Museum Piece - Niko tries to sell the diamonds to Isaac Roth with Johnny Klebitz's support, but is interrupted and the diamonds are stolen by Luis Lopez, while the money is stolen by Klebitz.
  • No Way on the Subway - Niko deals with some bikers from the Lost MC as revenge for Johnny stealing the money from the museum deal.
  • Late Checkout - Niko kills Isaac Roth for Ray Boccino.
  • Weekend at Florian's - Niko finds the location of a long lost friend.
  • Ransom - Niko takes a photo of Grace as proof of her kidnapping.
  • She's a Keeper - The Ancelottis have tracked Gracie down, so Niko has to move her to a different safehouse.
  • Hating the Haters - Niko takes out a homophobic thug for Bernie Crane.
  • Union Drive - Niko takes out some of Bernie's blackmailers.
  • Buoys Ahoy - Bernie takes Niko out for a fun day.
  • Truck Hustle - Bell asks Niko to steal a truck filled with heroin from the Triads.
  • Pegorino's Pride - Niko watches over a deal for Jimmy Pegorino.
  • Payback - Pegorino wants Niko to kill all the Pavanos at a pickup.
  • Catch the Wave - Niko and Phil steal some boats filled with smuggled drugs.
  • Trespass - Phil instructs Niko to kill Ancelotti Underboss Charles Matteo.
  • To Live and Die in Alderney - Phil, Niko and Frankie Gallo attempt to offload the stolen truckload of heroin. However, the FIB have been watching the house and the trio gets ambushed.
  • Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend - The deal with the Ancelottis is interrupted by Ray Bulgarin, but the diamonds are lost.
  • Entourage - Niko meets Jon Gravelli and escorts Bobby Jefferson to the City Hall for him.
  • Dining Out - Gravelli asks Niko to take out Kim Young-Guk, who is selling counterfeit money at discount.
  • Liquidize the Assets - Niko meets Gravelli alongside the ULP Contact, who ask him to disrupt a deal between Russians and Ancelottis.
  • Flatline - Niko silences Anthony Corrado, who struck a deal with the FIB against Pegorino.
  • Pest Control - Pegorino asks Niko to assassinate Ray Boccino.
  • That Special Someone - Niko gets to choose the fate of Darko, his betrayer and the person he's been searching for since the war.
  • One Last Thing - Pegorino asks Niko to strike a deal with Rascalov. Niko gets to choose.

Deal Ending

  • If the Price is Right - Niko decides to strike a deal with Dimitri, but he gets betrayed once again.
  • Mr and Mrs Bellic - Niko faces tragedy at Roman's wedding.
  • A Revenger's Tragedy - Niko takes down Dimitri Rascalov as revenge for Roman's death and his betrayals.

Revenge Ending

  • A Dish Served Cold - Niko decides to take revenge on Dimitri for his betrayals.
  • Mr and Mrs Bellic - Niko faces tragedy at Roman's wedding.
  • Out of Commission - Niko takes revenge on Pegorino for Kate's death.


  • Pigeons (200)
  • Unique Stunt Jumps (50)

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