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GTA 5 MissionsGTA 5 Missions

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Storyline Missions

  • Prologue - North Yankton, 9 years ago.
  • Franklin and Lamar - Franklin and Lamar repossess two convertibles for an Armenian car dealer, Simeon.
  • Repossession - Franklin and Lamar go to a shady part of Vespucci Beach to repo a bike for Simeon.
  • Complications - Franklin heads to Rockford Hills to repo a car for Simeon.
  • Father/Son - Jimmy gets in trouble with some gangsters and calls Michael for help.
  • Chop - Lamar has a plan to make some extra cash.
  • Marriage Counseling - Michael's marriage is on the rocks.
  • Daddy's Little Girl - Michael and Jimmy pop out for some father/son bonding.
  • Friend Request - Michael needs a job and turns to an old friend for help.
  • The Long Stretch - Stretch has been released from prison, Lamar and Franklin take him out.
  • The Good Husband (Family Mission) - Retrieve Amanda from shoplifting clothes and lose the cops.
  • Casing the Jewel Store - Michael and Lester scout out a jeweler in Little Portola.

Loud Approach

  • Carbine Rifles

Smart Approach

  • Bugstars Equipment
  • BZ Gas Grenades

  • The Jewel Store Job - In need of money to pay Madrazo, Michael takes down a Rockford Hills Jewel Store with Franklin and a crew.
  • Mr. Philips - Trevor has something to discuss with the Lost Motorcycle Club.
  • Trevor Philips Industries - Trevor defends his cook house from a rival gang.
  • Nervous Ron - Trevor and Ron intercept a weapons shipment.
  • Crystal Maze - Trevor takes care of his business competition.
  • Friends Reunited - Trevor sets off for Los Santos.
  • Fame Or Shame - Tracey auditions for Fame or Shame.
  • Dead Man Walking - Agent Dave Norton puts Michael in a difficult situation.
  • Three's Company - Franklin and Trevor get roped into helping the FIB.
  • By the Book - Michael and Trevor combine to locate a target for the FIB.
  • Hood Safari - Franklin and Lamar show Trevor a typical South Los Santos neighborhood.
  • Did Somebody Say Yoga? - Michael finds his inner peace.
  • Scouting the Port - Trevor heads to the Port of LS to look for a job.
  • Minisub - Get kitted up for the Merryweather Heist.

Offshore Approach

  • Cargobob
  • The Merryweather Heist - Trevor brings Michael and Franklin on board to steal a prototype on a Merryweather Security-protected ship in the Port of LS.

Freighter Approach

  • The Merryweather Heist - Trevor brings Michael and Franklin on board to steal a prototype on a Merryweather Security-protected ship in the Port of LS.

  • The Hotel Assassination - Lester asks Franklin to take down Brett Lowrey, CEO of Bilkinton Research, who is staying at the Von Crastenburg Hotel.
  • Boiler Suits - Prep for an FIB operation.
  • Masks - Prep for an FIB operation.
  • Trash Truck - Prep for an FIB operation.
  • Tow Truck - Prep for an FIB operation.
  • Blitz Play - The FIB need Michael, Trevor and Franklin to rob an armored car.
  • I Fought the Law... - Franklin steals a Cheetah and an Entity XF for Devin.
  • Eye in the Sky - Franklin and Trevor locate a Z-Type for Devin.
  • Mr. Richards - Michael gets his first job in the movie business.
  • Caida Libre - Martin Madrazo needs a favor from Michael and Trevor.
  • Deep Inside - Franklin boosts a JB 700 for Devin.
  • Minor Turbulence - Trevor flies to intercept a cargo plane.
  • Paleto Score Setup - Michael, Lester and Trevor check out a bank in Paleto Bay.
  • Predator - Franklin, Trevor and Michael chase the O'Neil gang into the woods.
  • Military Hardware - Prepare for the Paleto Score.
  • The Paleto Score - Michael, Franklin and Trevor take a well-protected holding bank in sleepy fishing village, Paleto Bay.
  • Derailed - Michael and Trevor stage a train robbery.
  • Monkey Business - Michael, Trevor and Franklin help the FIB save the country.
  • Hang Ten - Trevor and Wade leave Floyd and Debra's condo.
  • Surveying the Score - Scope out the federal reserve in preparation for The Big Score.
  • Bury the Hatchet - Trevor and Michael take a trip down memory lane.
  • Pack Man - Franklin, Trevor and Lamar deliver Devin's cars to a drop-off point near Paleto Bay.
  • Fresh Meat - Michael's world gets turned upside down.
  • The Ballad of Rocco - Michael helps out Solomon Richards.
  • Cleaning out the Bureau - The FIB wants you to do one last job.
  • Architect's Plans - Prepare for the Bureau Raid.

Covert Approach

  • Fire Truck
  • The Bureau Raid - Having started a fire in the FIB headquarters, Michael and Franklin go in as firemen to perform a data theft.

Roof Approach

  • The Bureau Raid - Michael and Franklin parachute onto the FIB headquarters to infiltrate their network and perform a data theft.

  • The Wrap Up - Michael has a meeting with the FIB.
  • Reuniting the Family - Michael begins to make amends with his family.
  • Doting Dad (Family Mission) - Find Tracey's stalker and deal with him.
  • Legal Trouble - Michael tries to protect the Movie Studio.
  • Lamar Down - Lamar's in trouble and needs help.
  • Meltdown - Michael attends the Meltdown premiere.
  • Parenting 101 (Family Mission) - Rescue Jimmy from his kidnappers.
  • Planning The Big Score - Set plans to rob the Union Depository.

Subtle Approach

  • Stingers
  • Gauntlet (1-3)
  • The Big Score - Michael and Trevor con their way into the Union Depository and walk out with the gold reserves. Franklin organises the getaway.

Obvious Approach

  • Sidetracked
  • Driller
  • The Big Score - While Michael causes a distraction at the Union Depository, Franklin and Trevor empty the vault of the gold reserves.

Ending A

  • Something Sensible - Franklin has to make a choice.

Ending B

  • The Time's Come - Franklin has to make a choice.

Ending C

  • The Third Way - Michael, Franklin, and Trevor take down all their enemies: ambush FIB agents and Merryweather mercenaries at the foundry in Murrieta Heights, then target Wei Cheng, Stretch, Steve Haines and Devin Weston.

Lester's Assassinations

  • The Hotel Assassination - Lester asks Franklin to take down Brett Lowrey, CEO of Bilkinton Research, who is staying at the Von Crastenburg Hotel.
  • The Multi Target Assassination - Lester tasks Franklin to take down four corrupt jurors that are planning to throw a class-action lawsuit against Redwood Cigarettes.
  • The Vice Assassination - Franklin must find and kill Jackson Skinner, the head of product development at Facade.
  • The Bus Assassination - Lester asks Franklin to assassinate a man called Isaac Penny, who is about to take a controlling share in the Vapid Motor Company.
  • The Construction Assassination - In the last Assassination, Lester tells Franklin to take down Enzo Bonelli, a mafia member turned real estate developer.


  • Epsilon Tracts (10)
  • Ocean Hidden Packages (11)
  • Altruist Hidden Packages (4)
  • Letter Scraps (50)
  • Spaceship Parts (50)
  • Submarine Parts (30)
  • Nuclear Waste (30)
  • Stunt Jumps (50)
  • Under the Bridge (50)
  • Knife Flights (15)
  • Rampages (5)
  • Peyote Plants (27)
  • Monkey Mosaics (50)
  • Wildlife Photographs (20)

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