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Half Marathon Training ProgrammeHalf Marathon Training Programme

Left QuoteI developed this 10-week training programme in an attempt to keep my training interesting and injury-free. Like most half-marathon training programmes, this one assumes that you can already run 5km.

The programme contains three runs, one cardio and one cross-training session per week. Your week should look like this:

Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run
Wed - Cardio
Thu - Slow run (½ of Saturday distance)
Fri - Rest
Sat - Distance run
Sun - Rest

Tempo Run
¾ of the Saturday distance, at race pace. For this to work, you'll need a half-marathon target time, and some ability to measure your pace (I use a Garmin Forerunner 405). My target time is 2hrs, which translates to 5m43s per km. For the temp run, concentrate on pace rather than the distance.

Distance Runs
The distance run should always be comfortable, so concentrate on the distance, rather than pace. Distance starts low, and increases 2km each week.

Slow Run
½ of the Saturday distance, at the slowest pace possible. Tuesday and Wednesday are pretty tough, so Thursday should just be a gentle recovery run.

Half-Marathon Training Programme

Week 10
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run: 3km
Wed - Cardio: 30 mins
Thu - Slow Run: 2km
Sat - Distance run: 4km

Week 9
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run: 4.5km
Wed - Cardio: 40 mins
Thu - Slow Run: 3km
Sat - Distance run: 6km

Week 8
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run: 6km
Wed - Cardio: 50 mins
Thu - Slow Run: 4km
Sat - Distance run: 8km

Week 7
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run: 7.5km
Wed - Cardio: 60 mins
Thu - Slow Run: 5km
Sat - Distance run: 10km

Week 6
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run: 8km
Wed - Cardio: 70 mins
Thu - Slow Run: 6km
Sat - Distance run: 12km

Week 5
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run: 10.5km
Wed - Cardio: 80 mins
Thu - Slow Run: 7km
Sat - Distance run: 14km

Week 4
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run: 12km
Wed - Cardio: 90 mins
Thu - Slow Run: 8km
Sat - Distance run: 16km

Week 3
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run: 13.5km
Wed - Cardio: 100 mins
Thu - Slow Run: 9km
Sat - Distance run: 18km

Week 2
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Tempo Run: 15km
Wed - Cardio: 110 mins
Thu - Slow Run: 10km
Sat - Distance run: 20km

One week to go - rest and recover

Last Week
Mon - Cross train
Tue - Rest
Wed - Cardio: 120 mins
Thu - Rest
Sat - Distance run: RACE DAY!Right Quote

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