Friday 08 February 2008

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Left QuoteWe've decided to take some time out and sample life in a different country for a while. Neither of us want to move to a country where we don't speak the language, so the list of possibles includes Australia, USA and Canada. For several reasons though, we've agreed on New Zealand. We saw some highlights of the North Island when we were over in 2005, and really felt at home there. Add that to the outdoors-based, family-orientated culture, beautiful scenery, slightly nicer weather, affordable house prices, work-hard-play-hard ethic and the current shortage of IT knowledge, and it was a fairly easy decision to make.

The Skilled Migrant visa looks like the best way to apply, but it's not going to be easy.


Obviously there's no guarantee of getting in, but seeing as we're healthy, have no criminal records and a good working background, we've got a good chance. The first step is to complete the Expression Of Interest, and go into the selection pool. Thankfully this can be done online, but it's an almighty form split into these headings

  • Identity
  • Character
  • Health
  • English Language Ability
  • Skilled Employment in New Zealand
  • Recognised Qualifications
  • Recognised Work Experience
  • Children
  • Partner's Identity
  • Partner's Character
  • Partner's Health
  • Partner's English Language Ability
  • Partner's Skilled Employment
  • Partner's Recognised Qualifications
  • Partner's Other Family
  • Child's Identity
  • Child's Proof of Identity
  • Child's Health

Each of these headings gives us points. More than 100 points and we have a chance. If we can scrape together more than 140 points, we automatically get selected from the pool. It'll take a while, but it's nothing we can't do.

Our options are either to do all the work ourselves, or pay an agency several thousand pounds. I'd rather be involved, and keep track of what's going on, so will be doing all the work myself. I'll keep track of expenses along the way too. You never know, it might be of interest to someone!

Having had a quick look through the form, I think I can get 120 points. Good enough ...Right Quote

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